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leigh57 said:
Oh god no, I can't watch. I'm gonna hide as much as possible and pretend it's not happening. I was dealing in one way or another as long as they didn't make more canon, but anything they do is just gonna make me SO upset, so I'll be staying away from all of it. I'm super happy for all the people it will delight though!

Actually, I am looking forward to seeing what they do. It’s sad that he won’t have Annie and he won’t be in his natural surroundings i.e LA. Even that he was still in the US in s7 & 8, is way easier for him than working in a foreign country with total different politics and Laws, so on that basis alone I’m looking forward to seeing how he copes in my country! I haven’t read anything leading up to it, seen no spoilers. I just want to watch it with no prejudgement or opinions or expectations on what should or shouldn’t happen!


when you and a friend join a fandom together


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